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Ukulele Chords and Chord Progressions

You will be playing more chords and chord progressions than anything else. Chords and chord progressions are the bulk of the lessons available.
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Types of Ukulele Chords

An effective organization of the types of chords possible on ukulele. This is the place to start for understanding and organizing your chords on ukulele.

Basic Open Position Chords for C Tuning

A handy dandy reference chart of open position chords in five common keys of C, G, D A, and E. With seventh chords, diminished and augmented chord for every root.

A Ukulele Chord a Day

I originally started this Chord a Day series of lessons in 2013 and have since expanded and continued the series the beginning of each new year.

Movable Form Chords

After learning the basic open position chords these 20 plus ukulele chord lessons cover the open position forms and their movable forms. This allows you to play basic chords in ANY key.

A, Am , A7, B7, C, Cm, C7, D, Dm, D7, E, Em, E7, F, Fm, F7, G, Gm, G7, A, Am, A7

Core Chords - The “Big Six”

The 4-part Seventh chord, often called the Dominant Seventh chord can form the foundation for ALL your core contemporary, a.k.a, jazz chords. This series of lessons covers the big six that find a wide use in all forms of contemporary music. Then builds on your core chords with the rest of the 4-part chords.

The Dominant Seventh Chord

Not all seventh chords are actually dominant seventh chords. Learn when a dominant chord is actually a dominant chord.

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