Why No Lyrics?

Chords over lyrics can only help you if you already know the song. And, not just having heard it on the radio a few times. You have to know it as well as the original singer to know when to switch chords.

You can copyright the lyrics and the melody of a song. My "TAB" or songs, as presented here, make every attempt to not violate copyrights of the song owner and only present a road map of each song. With a very minimum of music knowledge you can read these or any chord chart. Charts and songs are presented for education purposes only.

Every song that is NOT in the public domain has links to lyrics. Preferably I can find links to the original copyright holders site. If not I'll link to one of the many lyrics sites available on-line and let their lawyers fight it out.

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Lessons, TABS and Songs are intended FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

Portions of copy regarding particular songs is from WidipediA, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.